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Balimento is your best choice for home-made food produced by the most skilled chefs and producing families who have been carefully selected to ensure that you get the best service to our customers.

Through Balimento, you can view a large number of home-cooked dishes prepared especially for you, as well as view the weekly plans of the chefs and order the most delicious daily food, in addition to the most special service that distinguishes Balimento from any other commercial service where you can now order what you prefer through the service Special order without imposing menus, quantities or limited commercial prices, choose the chef, your best price, and the right time for your order.

All payment methods are provided so that you can choose the most suitable for you to ensure an easy and secure payment experience.

The application is professionally designed and simplified, ensuring easy order fulfillment and a unique unique experience.

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المنيو والشيفات

حيث يمكنك التصفح والبحث عن جميع الطهاة الموجودين حولك واستعراض جميع اكلاتهم وقوائم الطعام الخاصة بهم بأنواعها المختلفة وطلب ماتشتهيه.

Special request

The most exclusive section, if what you need does not exist or you have a special request here, you can write the details of your request as you like, specify the quantities, write all the details you want, and send the request.
Here, all chefs and producing families in your area can see your request, and then they can send their prices on your request, then choose the appropriate offer for you to have it executed and delivered to you at the specified time and date.

Variable dishes

Made with love by our producing families

Made By Our Producing Families

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