About Us

What is Balimento?


Balimento is a professional platform with a futuristic vision and innovative options for displaying and ordering and delivery of homemade food.

Unlike other platforms, Ballimento specializes in ordering and delivering food that is fully prepared at home by the most skilled productive families, whether specialized chefs or professional housewives in preparing the most delicious and varied cuisines and different kitchens and products, which ensures the provision of many different options for our customers.

Discover chefs near you


Balimento displays available chefs around your location by accessing the location details. And through the features and characteristics of the application, you can display a large number of ready-made and pre-cooked dishes at home and order them to reach you immediately, as well as view and subscribe to the weekly and time plans of the chefs. also you can request anything with the specifications you want through the Special Order service, so that you can choose the right offer for you from the chefs around you.

Fast delivery 

We are keen to deliver your order as soon as possible with a well-equipped delivery team to deliver your order as fresh as you requested.

Safe and healthy


We are keen to select chefs and productive families carefully and according to strict conditions, in order to ensure that our customers receive clean and completely safe food and healthy products.

The producing families and chefs who provide their services and products through Balimento application are part of our community. families And neighbors and friends surrounding us everywhere, professional housewives in making the finest food for family members.

Our Vision

One family

From the beginning of the establishment of the idea, our primary goal is to increase family members! As a customer, we make you another member of the productive family, the housewife, as you prepare food for her family. As a customer, you have become a member of this family.

Homemade with Love

Under the spread of restaurants and commercial platforms that produce fast food, we are proud to offer everything that is home-made and prepared by the hands of productive families.

We support our families 

 Balimento app is not just a business idea to compete in the delivery market, but we specialize in providing and delivering homemade food. We represent continuous support for productive families and encourage them to provide everything that is distinctive, and upgrade their services and products to a more professional level. Our support is also represented in the expansion of the activities of these families and their development By delivering their services to the largest possible customer base.

Our complete vision we seek to achieve in order to integrate our community circle, starting from the special service providers to the delivery team, all the way to the customer, the integration of one family.